The story of the woman at the well is a rich example of love, truth, redemption, and acceptance. And best of all, not only does Jesus accept her, but He accepts all of us, too. He wants us all in His holy kingdom – if only we believe.

Support a Charity: Women On A Mission: Not Forgotten Goma (NFG)

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Not Forgotten Goma is a Christian nonprofit organization in Goma, DRC. It is founded by Rachelle and Peter Robertson. It’s driven by core values of hope, service, dignity, and integrity. They empower women, support children and young families, and collaborate with like-minded organizations to make a positive impact. Services include emotional and practical support for women in difficult pregnancies, assistance to vulnerable families, and a long-term vision of establishing a maternity ward. The organization aims to share the love of Jesus Christ and create a future full of hope for those they serve.

Donate to They’re Not Forgotten, organized
by Rachelle Robertson

Hello everyone that’s reading this. We’re collecting donations to help feed refugee kids and … Rachelle Robertson needs your support for They’re Not Forgotten


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