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Why The Name Sarah Ruth-Rose

Sarah means princess and in the book of Genesis she is called to be the mother of many nations. And so we are, standing for other women!

Ruth means companion, friend and vision of beauty. She is generous. Her character is described in Proverbs 31:20, which says: “She opens her hand to the poor, and reaches out her hands to the needy.” Her generosity isn’t a personality quirk – it comes from her excellence at work. Because she makes a profit in her business she is able to give to the poor.

Rose is a delicate flower that requires attention and nourishment to remain beautiful and so it is for women to maintain their inner beauty and their outside appearance as well.

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About Us

The Mission of the Sarah-Ruth Rose Home of Fashion is to help and empower families in developing countries through local community work with proven solutions, to help end extreme poverty and to get the maibobo (street kids) off the streets. At the moment, the focus is in the community of Goma, Congo DRC.
Our vision is to build 100 homes by 2026 to help empower families and end extreme poverty in their lives.
Whenever you buy anything from this store, you’re helping a family to have a roof over their head and a meal on their table. Thank you!
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About Rachelle

My passion is to work with vulnerable women and children.

Growing up I saw women that were mistreated, not appreciated and not being recognized in their communities, and not even in their own marriages. This is something that has stayed with me over the years.

After I gave birth to my last born, while I was still on the hospital bed receiving all the attention, love and care from the doctor, nurses and also from my husband, I saw an image of a woman who was also going through the delivery of a child but no one cared for her and her husband walked in the room and said to her to find a place to go because she was not welcomed back to her home. Right there in that moment, I was sad to see that image and I wanted to do something special for these kinds of women.

This inspired me to organize a mission trip to Africa with three other women, which included visiting moms in a maternity ward to show them love and to let them know that someone cares. During that trip, I also visited a children’s home that was in bad shape and since then, I have been working on a project to build them a new home. I also want to continue to support other women that are going through difficult times when giving birth.

It was from joy to joy and glory to glory, as we hosted a women conference in the city of Goma and ministered to the women. Jesus was presented at the forefront and received the glory! The goal of this mission trip was to remind the women of Congo/Goma that they were not forgotten, to remind them how beautiful they are and to show how much they are appreciated.

Meet Our Team

Our team

A dynamic and dedicated young team
Mr. Tobey Maguire
Mr. Tobey Maguire Photographer
Ms. Susan Willis
Ms. Susan Willis Fashion Model
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Mr. John Conner
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